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BYG Music

Connecting Advertisers with Passionate Music Fans


The old ways of discovering music, listening to music and relating with artists has completely changed and fans now have the unprecedented personal connectivity to the musicians they are passionate about.


With this disruption, artists need new revenue streams to continue to create their art and BYGMusic’s mission is helping with the financial wellness of musicians.

  • Create a sizzle reel in expedited timeline

  • Highlight a viral campaign in video 

  • Produce content on time and on budget

Goals & objectives
Play Video

Story development

Developed video messaging based on existing library in order to build a story that was celebratory and exciting, curated by user generated content in this viral campaign.

UGC campaign

The focus of this sizzle showcases how our client brought Queen to life through UGC campaigns, creating content that was effective for viewers of new generations.

Expedited timeline

Through the nature of social media, it was imperative for us to create this sizzle on an expedited timeline in order to capitalize on the results of the campaign while the film was still in theatres.


Brendan Shepherd, Head of Brand Partnerships & Development

We are very pleased with our partnership with Lure and hope to do more collaborations. They understood our needs and delivered for us an amazing campaign video. It is common for viewers of our video to say they get goosebumps.

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