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Katzkin Leather

Love Your Drive


Imagine your car with a luxurious, premium leather interior. Maybe you’ve wanted a custom car interior but thought it was really expensive at the dealership. Or you didn’t know that you could easily upgrade your cloth seats to custom car seats on the car you have now.


Whatever your dream, Katzkin can deliver it, adding luxury, comfort and style to your vehicle at an affordable price. Katzkin, the nation’s premier manufacturer of custom leather seats. 

  • Create a before & after video 

  • Execute their creative vision as desired

  • Produce content on time and on budget

Goals & objectives
Katzkin "Before & After"
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Broadcast quality

Katzkin is an inherently visual brand and requires high-quality content to match its high-quality product. Our goal was to showcase how their product works in a humorous way that didn't skip on the quality of production.

Build brand trust

 When you choose Katzkin, you’re not just getting high-quality leather seat upholstery, you’re getting peace of mind that’ll last for years. We had to carefully communicate this core brand message: while some interiors are not bad choices, they are inferior products when you compare wear & tear, longevity and visual aesthetic. 

Value added content

Katzkin is able to utilize this video across the brand: on their company website, on their YouTube page and within a robust existing library. With a goal of increasing picture quality throughout their social media, we shot ancillary content meant to go straight to their feed.

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