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A/C Pro

Fix Your Car's Air Conditioning


Get cold air back into your vehicle – no mechanic required. For years, people have been recharging their air conditioning with A/C Pro products and have been saving their hard-earned money.

A/C Pro is the easy DIY car A/C repair that saves time & money. This simple fix recharges the R-134a (freon), stops leaks & gets your A/C cold again.

Goals & objectives
  • Create a series of informative videos

  • Execute their new creative vision within existing branding

  • Produce content on time and on budget

A/C Pro  | How To Series Compilation
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1.6 million organic views

We worked with A/C Pro's in-house team at Energizer to create an informative "How To" series on how to recharge your A/C with A/C Pro, including debuting new Bluetooth-enabled technology. These videos were organically searched millions of times within the first year of release.

High quality

With plans to host these videos on YouTube and on their website within an existing video library, A/C Pro wanted content that looked great but primarily focused on the informative elements of their product.

Value added content

With a complex product that is made simple with step-by-step instructions, A/C Pro needed highly technical, yet easy-to-understand graph animations to highlight elements of a car's interior that were unable to be filmed. Lure delivered. 

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