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Enjoy Life on the Move


Bugaboo takes pride in dreaming up game-changing products that help you explore the world around you in unparalleled comfort and unmistakable style. They invent, develop, test, and manufacture mobility products that combine design with engineering and beauty with functionality.


Bugaboo products are designed to help you handle life with ease with their award winning strollers.

  • Create clickable paid social ads

  • Deliver social friendly photographs

  • Animate digital ad assets for targeted audiences

Goals & objectives

Influencer integration

For select assets, we produced photo and video content throughout Los Angeles with specific influencers in order to reach their audiences and showcase new products.

Content optimization

We deliver each advertisement (photo, GIF, carousel ad or animated video) for each specific platform needs: Instagram Story, Instagram in feed posts, and Facebook Ads.

Animated, targeted ads

Each asset is developed with a specific target audience in mind in order to effectively appeal to parents who are likely to engage with the advertisements and click through to the website.

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