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Janet McPhee Carter on set with Lure Digital for Montecito Bank & Trust. Bria Little directing.

Our story

Lure Films officially started in January 2011. Founded by Ky Schultz, he took on many Santa Barbara-based clients with the goal of creating any video that a corporation needed, at a price that fit within its budget. And as Lure grew, the team grew.

When Bria Little joined in 2015, we expanded dramatically. Our first studio in Virgil Village became our first large-scale commercial production, including 16 pigeons and an ostrich.

However, we noticed this compelling content was not being utilized to its fullest potential. That’s when Lure Films began to pivot from a production company to a video marketing agency that focused on embedding strategy into every step of the production process.

Introducing who we are today: Lure Digital. An award-winning digital agency that is dedicated to creatively connecting people to your brand. 

Lure Digital award-winning production company. Lure's awards.


Ky Schultz, EP

Ky Schultz
CEO & Executive Producer

Bria Little, Creative Director

Bria Little
Creative Director

Chris Kas, Director of Photography

Chris Kas
DoP & Post Supervisor

Jamie Connors, Producer

Jamie Connors
Digital Producer

Elise Wine Content Strategist at Lure Digital

Elise Wine
Content Strategist

Jonathan Blanton, Animator

Jonathan Blanton
Editor & Animator

David Abramov, Editor

David Abramov

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