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Eveready BTS by Lure Digital

Eveready's "Unplugged"

For over 100 years, Eveready has been bringing families together. Lure acted as both agency and production company, working closely with Eveready's experienced marketing team to create this 2023 campaign: Unplugged. Focusing on the power of Eveready to unite people, Lure honed in on the slogan "Life Runs on Eveready."

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"Unplugged" is about how Eveready powers more than just devices—it brings families together. Through extensive testing and rigorous feedback, we were able to write and produce a spot that focuses on this core message for Eveready.


Super Heavy Duty

With advertisements in Australia, Egypt, Malaysia and the Philippines, Eveready needed to feature both their Gold and Super Heavy Duty batteries. Here, you see the :15 alternate which includes key scripting, visual variations and animations.