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Santa Barbara City College partnered with 3fold Communications and Lure to create a series around the campaign: "My life, my skills, my SBCC." By sharing local success stories of a journalist, a nurse, a restauranteur and a SBCC employee, this video campaign encourages students to "Find your place in the world" with Santa Barbara City College.

My SBCC :30 Campaign Video
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"My SBCC" Full Campaign

Santa Barbara City College can help anyone find their place in the world, as evidenced by this :30 campaign spot. Whether you are looking for a second chance, a fresh start, or a stronger path, find your version of “My SBCC” to make your path possible.

Backyard Bowls

To Dan Goddard, founder of Backyard Bowls, there is nothing more important than quality ingredients and reliable staff. Santa Barbara City College gave Dan the confidence & skillset required to run a successful - and intentional - business. Not to mention a delicious one.