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Interview with Director Jason O. Silva

We've been big fans of Jason O. Silva's work for a while, almost as long as we've been drinking one too many cocktails together as friends. We asked him a few questions about the latest short film he made with Lure Films titled "The Last Day of Summer."

Lure: What inspired you to make this short?

Jason: I was looking to tell more short form narratives that could be grasped visually and entirely without dialogue. Bobby Hewitt (the cinematographer) was interested in playing with more scenic exteriors and lighting. And we ended up with this very un-LA landscape that feels forgotten, and we get a glimpse into the private moment of this young couple.

Is there a particular memory that evokes this same feeling for you?

Growing up, I always felt like an outsider, even if others wouldn't necessarily perceive it that way, and I was drawn to these idyllic and empty locales and was obsessed with meaningful isolation and sharing that intimately.

Why did you choose the song "Dead Hearts" by Stars? I loved this song from the first listen. I think it was used for the trailer for Anton Yelchin's "Like Crazy." It so captured what it was like to be young and discovering adult love and also how deeply every emotion felt.

I know we're delving into high school poetry territory here, but when you first felt heartache and purpose and love, it really blew your emotional world right open. I feel like we all want to get back that on some level. There's something so pure about it.

How do you hope it makes viewers feel? I hope people identify with the feeling of the film and see themselves in the characters (Summer played by Victoria Elder and her summer love played by Blaine Maye). I also hope they feel for the characters and if only for a moment travel back into their own memories with nostalgia and whimsy.

Watch our latest film "The Last Day of Summer" below.


Presented By Lure Films

Director - Jason O. Silva

Creative Director - Bria Little

Cinematographer - Bobby Hewitt

Editor - Bobby Hewitt

Hair & Make Up Artist - Danielle Arroyo

Wardrobe Stylist - Sara Borgese

1st Assistant Camera - Carolina Rodriguez

Graphic Animation - Christian Klein

Color Correction & Final Mixing - Ky Schultz

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