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Fundraiser Friday featuring The Giving Spirit

By assembling and personally distributing survival kits to those experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, The Giving Spirit is an organization near and dear to our hearts at Lure Films. Operating for eighteen years in our LA community, the volunteers positively impact the lives of people who are homeless from Skid Row to Santa Monica.

This year, The Giving Spirit's Winter Outreach event kicks off with an address from Mayor Eric Garcetti. 1500+ volunteers will fill backpacks that contain over 70 individual items that provide sustenance to the homeless in their time of need.

They include food, blankets, clothing, toiletries, water – and hope – at the time and place when some people feel the most alone. Thanks to their generosity, The Giving Spirit has served more than 43,000 people in the Greater Los Angeles area to date.

"Images move people to act more than at any point in our culture. Ky and his Lure Films team have captured and accelerated our work and message with amazing compassion and skill. They have been as great a gift as we’ve been given.” - The Giving Spirit Founder Tom Bagamane

Join us this Saturday to participate in The Giving Spirit's Winter Outreach. For more information, visit

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