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Types of Video You Should Be Using But Aren't

You know you have to be creating video in the new year. It’s no longer a desired add-on for businesses in their marketing strategies, it’s actually imperative to the health and growth of your company.

But where to start? Do you make an anthem video and tell your company’s whole story? Do you let your customers do the talking with the ever effective customer testimonial? How do you even plan for things like product videos and Boomerang content for your Instagram while still hiring and training employees?

We've got an easy solution: do it all with video.

People are not only turning to the internet for what to buy, where to eat, and who to date, they're also connecting online to find their next job. With free sites like Craigslist and Indeed, your text listing is just another post among countless other colorless companies looking for their next hire. But some innovative, savvy businesses are now using video to tell candidates why they should want to work for them.

In this simple spot from Ernest Packaging Solutions, they advertise the company's lighter side while searching for new hires. By creating a series of bright, colorful spots they encourage potential applicants to join their team while boasting their fun company culture.

Your video can be straightforward, simply explaining the integrity of your business and the benefits of employment there. Or you can be goofy and poke fun at the rat race.

Tone is easily translated through video over text, and it's time to jump on board to say more with less. It takes the guesswork out of it for both you and the applicant. By being able to see if the culture of your company is the right fit for them, applicants won't waste their time, or yours.

Every business, big or small, is accountable to someone. Whether it's clients who keep your doors open, investors behind the scenes, or the nice people at the loan office - we all have someone to answer to. Why not show the passion that fuels your business in a more vivid way?

Using video to tell people what your company does and what they want to do in the future helps bring to life the real people and real work that goes on behind your doors. Video communicates the human element of what your business does best, highlighting it in a way you just can't achieve on paper.

At the end of the day you need that human connection to fuel your business, so don't be afraid to tell that story differently this year.

Spotlighting Los Angeles as a city of technological innovation gave Upfront Ventures the upper hand, successfully allowing them to translate their passion and product in a way they could not have without video production.

Search engines like Google and social media sites like Facebook work in algorithms that love video. We say it a lot, but studies show one third of online activity is watching videos. There's no doubt you're going to have to be thinking of video moving into next year. But you can choose to be smart with the kind of video you create and how it works for you.

Product videos and testimonials are solid options, but effective online video content is not limited to those categories. Look at the things you already do as a successful business, and find ways to integrate those elements into your 2018 video marketing strategy.

Ready to try something new with video marketing? Contact us now.

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