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Video Marketing for Business: Educational Institutions

Recently we were asked which industries benefit most from video marketing. As we started to prepare a list, we realized it would become many pages long. Every industry whether it's big or small, digital or brick & mortar, tech based or fashion centric, benefits from video marketing.

Just because you don't see a trade or service commonly advertised on YouTube or other streaming services, doesn't mean video isn't being integrated into the marketing strategies for those types of businesses. One of the most competitive industries utilizing video is education, and this is how they do it.

It's reported that in the fall of 2017, 20.4 million students started classes at American colleges. That's a lot of students spending a lot of money all across the nation. Your institution is in constant competition with many other prestigious educational facilities, starting in primary school and continuing through graduate education.

Outside of preparing smart curriculums and figuring out the logistics of your cut of that 20.4 million student revenue, you still need to incentivize families to choose your school in the first place. And no, you can't just fly a drone across campus and expect that to cut it.

Marketing for schools requires you to keep the cameras rolling all year round. New applicants don't just want to see the excitement on the first day, they want a preview of the full calendar. They want to see students working together to put on an amazing events, see their future cohorts in cozy library settings, and they want to see it all before they sign on the dotted-line.

Pepperdine University captures so many great moments throughout the school year - allowing them to create beautiful pieces like this one that not only celebrate the accomplishments of their students over the course of the year, but give a glimpse of the upcoming fun for incoming students.

Getting students enrolled in your program is only the beginning of how video marketing can reach this industry. Because once the school year kicks off, you are going to need more than just students. Educational facilities are widely supported by local businesses, government, and the families that entrust their student's education in them.

All of these sources will give more confidently (and hopefully more generously) if they can truly understand the value of their dollar. Using video to show the true stories of pupils, and how the financial assistance really impacts them on a day-to-day basis is crucial in keeping funding for institutions flowing. Sharing personal stories is a great way to encourage donations while also showcasing some of the great ways families and communities keep their school going strong.

In this charming spot, Midland School shows the value of each and every donation and how it enriches their student's lives. By showing the reach each dollar has, it encourages future donations that continuously benefit the students, the school, and the community.

20.4 million is a lot of active students. You better believe those students are being served video ads for every aspect of their lives. Educational institutions are just as responsible for creating captivating content to engage traffic online as any other business. Keeping the camera rolling in the case of school video marketing is even more important because you're competing with the latest iPhone release.

Capturing content year round creates authentic content and turns leads into students and donors. Because whether you want them to sign up for the fall semester, or sign the check that keeps the lights on, video is the best way to reach the target demographic you need.

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