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The Truth About In-House Video Production

You already know you need to incorporate video into your 2018 marketing strategy. We've definitely touched on that topic. Now it's time to decide whether to hire a production company or create your own videos in-house. Both are perfectly acceptable but before you dive into video production on your own, let's take a look at some of the facts.

Your video has to compete against the professionals.

Only 7% of companies create videos entirely in-house. That's because it is a lot to manage if you don't have a team of producers on staff. Not to say it can't be done, but statistically your direct competition is most likely paying an expert to create their commercials.

While it may be easier to create content more frequently - and some videos lend themselves to that (such as product explainers or internal company updates) - you may find your videos aren't good enough to make an impact online. In order to create videos that are of high enough quality to compete publicly, consider using a production company that's up to snuff.

Internal teams cost time and money.

Finding and building an internal team of creators is time-consuming and costly. Production agencies are built of teams ready to jump in and give your company's branding a fresh perspective, without having to keep full time creators on staff.

These production companies specialize in looking at your business from a consumer's perspective to help you tell the most engaging story for your potential customers. You are still in charge of your company's language, style, and design - but let the experts show you how to integrate those things into a video that really works.

Let the experts help you with content creation and beyond.

If you are working with a good production agency, they know you need to have final creative control over everything with your company's name on it. Working with creative producers allows you to have made exactly what you want, and working closely with them ensures the final product is what you would have wanted to make yourself. But of course without the hassle of learning to write scripts, edit videos, create animations, learn an entirely new trade, etc.

With the really good agencies, they can even serve your ads across platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook/Instagram (take Lure Films, for example).

There's more than just pointing and shooting (really).

The last thing to consider is the most practical. We all have video cameras available to us at the click of a button. But just because you can shoot video, doesn't always mean you should. As we mentioned before, your competition is paying professionals to create their videos. So your iPhone, although a fine personal investment, still isn't the best device for creating quality marketing content for your business. Certainly not good enough to capture sound for your customer testimonials, or to truly showcase your facilities in all its glory.

Trust us, what you sell is greater than any phone can truly capture.

Cinepolis USA wanted to celebrate the release of Coco, and celebrate it right. They called upon the creative minds of Murphy O'Brien and the production skills of Lure Films for a fun video with a quick turnaround, featuring the always lovable host Albert Lawrence.

Ultimately, it's up to you.

These are just a few things to think about as you move forward on your journey into video marketing. Even if you feel your budget only allows the option for in-house creation, call around and do your homework. Most production agencies are happy to work within your budget and scale services to your particular needs. The important thing is you are already making moves to incorporate video. Continue doing your research and don't settle for less than exactly what you are looking for.

Because anything worth doing is worth doing right (but we didn't have to tell you that).

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