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The Kings and Queens of Crypto

Today, we spotlight a video made for Upfront Ventures’ annual technology summit. This past month we were able to speak with experts of the cryptocurrency world. They shared their hopes and advice on the future of this rapidly changing arena.

But wait, what is blockchain?

We too asked this question. A lot. The experts are here to help us break it down:


“Companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple control our identities on the internet. That’s a bad thing. Decentralized technology may be the greatest potential for us to take back control of our data and identities.” - Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures

In other words

“A lot of the times, in order to run big social and economic systems, you’ve needed people – intermediaries who help run the system – and now for the first time, you can do it without those centralized actors, and you can do it in a secure way. This opens up opportunity for smaller independent groups to have more freedom in markets.” - Preethi Kasireddy, Schelling

Why this matters

“The main advantage of decentralized systems is that small merchants, users, and media companies can contribute to the network without fear that the network will take away what they’ve built.” - Chris Dixon, Andreessen Horowitz

Why are we, at Lure Films, excited about blockchains?

The media and entertainment industry is already experiencing innovations with blockchain technologies. New production companies, film funding platforms, and methods of distribution are sprouting on the blockchain, with more expected to launch soon. This means creatives are receiving greater freedom and empowerment through their work.

OK, got the basics? Time to watch!

Mark Suster, Upfront Ventures

Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures

Tom Loverro, IVP

Preethi Kasireddy, Schelling

Chris Dixon, Andreessen Horowitz

Alyse Kileen, Stillmark

Aaron Batalion,

Lightspeed Venture Partners

Balaji Srinivasan,

Adam Ludwin, Chain

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