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Instagram Marketing: Should I Use Photo or Video?

We recently helped Bugaboo Strollers with an Instagram campaign for the launch of their USA channel @bugaboousa. Here's how we took advantage of Instagram photo and video, and helped them quickly grow over 4K followers in a month.

In life, there are disagreements, people take sides. And with Instagram marketing it's no different. Is video or photo more engaging? On average, Instagram photos receive higher likes, but video receive higher comments (Source: Newswhip). So what's the right move?

While each account is different, a mix of photo AND video will ultimately provide more engagement than just one, especially if you wish to direct many types of user actions. For example, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it. (Source: Hubspot).

But consider using photos for media impressions and regular filler postings. To have a balanced, action-driven Instagram platform, make use of both photo and video. Below we share 3 tips for how to effectively use Instagram for both photo and video:

Respect The Aspect Ratio

Shoot multiple versions of a scene so that you have the right assets for various sizing constraints. Instagram stories are vertical, 9x16. Instagram posts, no matter the ratio you choose, end up square on your page.

A 9x16 shot like this can be used for an Instagram story.

Create Within The Grid

How do posts look in rows of three? Is there a consistent look and feel? Is your feed balanced? Colors, lighting, and other formal elements will play a role here.

@bugaboostrollers crafted a beautiful video mosaic using the grid system. Mosaic postings with photos appear detached, but videos can include GIFs and messages inside each post, providing more value and engagement than an otherwise cropped image.

Preview Before You Post

View all edited footage on your phone, not the computer, so that you're getting a better sense of how viewers will consume the media.

You'd be surprised how different the experience can be on a smaller, vertical screen.

Check out this vertical video we built for bugaboo's Instagram story as an example:

Bugaboo Model – Molly Thompson @mollymaethomps Bugaboo Model – Chris Thompson @mrmollystroud Video Director – Jason Silva, @jasonosilva

Photographer – James Bonanno, @jimmy2take Executive Producer – Ky Schultz Creative Director – Bria Little Cinematographer – Bobby Hewitt Editor – Christian Klein Hair and Make Up – Heather Galipo Intern – Brianna Doyle

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