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What Type of Video is Right for You?

You’re interested in creating video content for your brand. But you might be thinking, “Hmmm... we don’t really need another commercial...”

Stop right there. Commercials are no longer the only form of video content your brand can take advantage of to increase your client base.

Here are five different types of video content that you can utilize to expand your clientele - and some companies who did it right.

Brand & Anthem Videos

Introductions can be tough. Brand (or anthem) videos can make them simple. They give you a chance to show how your company is unique in a sea of cheap imitations. If a client has any questions about who you are as a company, your brand video will paint the picture.

You can also dive even deeper by concentrating on your company’s history and core values.

What it does for you: Introduces your brand to your future clients. - Our Blades Are F***ing Great



Explainer videos show prospective customers how your brand can help them do a difficult task more efficiently. These videos prove that you are an expert on your brand topic and that they can rely on your company for help.

Animations are an entertaining way to explain your product and give yourself a creative edge up on your competitors.

What it does for you: Lets your clients know how you can help them.

EnergyBot - Animated Explainer by Lure Films


Company Culture

Clients want to do business with a company with whom they share an emotional bond. Company culture videos show that your company is human and connects prospective clients to the values of your company by going behind the scenes.

What it does for you: Connect on an emotional level with your clients.

GoDaddy - GoDaddy Cares About Company Culture


Case Studies

You can talk about your company all you want, but for a customer to hear another satisfied customer praise your product can be extremely effective.

Case studies, or testimonials, show that a third, unbiased party finds your brand appealing.

What it does for you: Uses real people to hype up your company.

Openpath - Wonder Case Study by Lure Films


Recruiting Videos

Why restrict your video content to your customer base? Video content is a great way to engage prospective employees. Show them how awesome their lives will be if they work for your company.

What it does for you: Gives the people you’re hiring a taste of your company.

Dropbox - Working at Dropbox

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