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4 Companies That Go All In With Video Marketing

You’re interested in video marketing for your brand. But it's hard for you to take a single step forward without some examples of companies that use video content for purposes other than traditional commercials.

We’ll make it easy! Here are four examples of companies that went all in with video marketing and are, simply put, nailing it.

Patagonia - Product Showcase

The clothing and backpack company Patagonia uses video marketing as a way to showcase their products. This outdoors company doesn’t just make advertisements for their wares, they create a visual way to get to know their products.

For example: are you curious about how those rock climbing pants are going to fit you? Or how many pockets does that backpack actually have? Well, Patagonia has video content to answer all your questions.

What it does for you: Clients won’t hesitate to order a product online if they can see exactly what it is before they get it.


Sansum's Ridley-Tree Cancer Center - Short Documentary

As one of the oldest non-profit outpatient clinics in California, Sansum has many stories it wants to share with the surrounding community. When sculptor Aris Demetrios, a Ridley-Tree Cancer Center patient and cancer survivor, was commissioned to create a sculpture for the center, Sansum wanted to let people in on the emotional story.

We hear first hand how a patient of the clinic is thriving post cancer treatment, how they put a premium on care when it comes to their patients, and how they support the arts.

What it does for you: Share part of your story in a way that will get customers to trust your brand.


Zendesk - Explainer

If you run a business, chances are you’ve heard of this customer service software company. Zendesk realizes that business-based software may not be the easiest concept to understand. That’s why they use dynamic explainer videos to show layman how their service works.

Mixing animation, live action, and practical effects makes this video particularly enjoyable to watch, while still being informative.

What it does for you: Show your customers how your product or service works so they aren't left guessing.


New Belgium Brewing - Customer Stories

New Belgium, of Fat Tire fame, loves to create a comparison between their brewing company and the people who drink their beer. That’s why a majority of their video content isn’t just testimonials, it’s the stories of the remarkable people who make their brand as special as it is.

From their Zealots of Zag campaign in 2015, to the event videos that showcase their involvement in communities around the nation, to short films that tell the story behind every new beer they introduce: New Belgium creates a sense of community with their video content and that makes consumers feel like family.

What it does for you: Make your clients feel like they are part of a family; your family.


These companies make their video content not only available on their website, but also YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Ads, and send it out in newsletters. This makes sure that their amazing content is being seen in numerous locations across the web and gets the hits they deserve.

Your company is more than capable of having content that can rival the companies above. All you have to do is take the first steps towards making video content!

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