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5 Ways To Make Your Business Look "Cooler" With Video

By 2019 video will consume more than 80% of all web traffic according to Forbes. That means there’s a dire need for your business to create video just to stay in the game in today’s digital world. But with everyone (including your weird uncle) one phone click away from posting the next viral video - creating video content for your business isn’t enough to guarantee the audience reach you desire. Our best suggestion?

Try being cool.

You know better than anyone else what stops your scroll, prompting you to watch a video on your personal device. It may seem daunting to create something for your product or service that could be as captivating as Grumpy Cat or a water bottle landing on it’s proper side.

But guess what? You have sales tools in your arsenal already, just waiting to be converted into engaging video content people want to check out.

Stay with us - we’ll explain how being cool helps you.


Everyone knows word of mouth is the best way to bring in new business. With sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook it's easier than ever for your clients to share their positive interactions with your company. It’s one thing to read about someone’s experience, but who’s to say you didn’t ask your dog sitter to write something nice to boost business?

When you find that great testimonial that really exemplifies what your business does best, it’s time to bring it to life with video. Video testimonials allow potential customers to connect with real-life success stories as told by your biggest fans, in non-traditional and (dare we say it) super cool ways.

Apica tells their story of working with the Broad Museum in this colorful (hello Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirror room and Jeff Koon’s Balloon Dog) client testimonial.

Instructional Videos

You could take to your Twitter to firmly but politely remind your customers about your return policy. Or answer for the millionth time how you attach that one part of the device to the other. But let’s be real, you can creatively answer these questions using visually engaging videos.

Creating these videos not only lessens the daily call load, but as people interact with your video, you’ll be boasting SEO, further driving traffic to your site. Doesn’t that sound cool?

As simple as the accompanying track to this great video, Reformation shares with customer’s their easy eco-friendly return services.

Event Recaps

After spending too much time and energy creating the perfect event, you let your co-worker’s man-bun wearing, film student son represent your work in his shaky Instagram story.

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Take advantage of the opportunities where your business gets to meet face to face with the people that support you; then be happy and proud to show that to the world. Because connecting with people? That’s truly the coolest part of it all.

Take a peek at this recap video from Verizon’s booth at the 2017 NAB event - using footage and interviews to give viewers a front row seat to all the festivities. Oh, and look at that, we made it!

Press Releases/Announcements

The release of your newest product is kind of important. It deserves to be seen and not just heard. Don’t prescribe to the formulaic press release template. Instead, turn on the camera modern day Steve Jobs style. Seeing the excitement, hearing the urgency, and connecting with new aspects of your brand will ensure you are making the impact you desire.

With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, a video will ensure the information will be readily available to everyone that needs to see it. 4 million + views to date is pretty cool in our book.

Apple releases a new feature on it’s iPhone8 using bright lifestyle video in this piece that’s part captivating image and part product announcement.

Anthem Video

Let’s face it - having a blank canvas to share the passion you have for your business is a little bit scary. But with the right creative forces, you’re on your way to sharing your story in unique & creative ways. Working with a professional production company will give you the highest quality video that works for you across multiple channels.

Investing in an anthem is incredibly beneficial: it can be used on all of your social media, it immediately showcases your vision to website visitors, and with the use of distribution channels (like AdWords) you can shop it as an ad to your target demographic in cost effective ways. Consumers expect heartfelt, captivating, comedic, artful or just plain cool stories that speak directly to them. Don’t let your audience down.

Dollar Shave Club’s anthem video not only tells viewers who they are and what they’re about - but engages the audience with camera tricks and good ol’ fashion humor.


The more quality video content you can integrate into your social media marketing, the bigger the impact your business will have online. And we’re happy to say that the bigger the impact, the bigger the cash flow.

Now, go forth and be cool.

Need some help? Click here to start making your company look cooler with video.


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