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How to Adapt Marketing in Times of Crisis

During times of crisis or uncertainty, it’s not uncommon for brands to place their regular content marketing on hold while they deal with higher priority tasks. Depending on the circumstance—in this case, COVID-19, a global public health pandemic—the duration of the crisis may be unknown. That brings to light the underlying question: when should you rethink your content marketing strategy and adopt new tactics in order to continue to growth against the backdrop of obstacles?

Here’s our advice.

Big-picture planning means taking advantage of potentially slower work days and either adapting content marketing efforts immediately or planning for the second half of the year. Here is how we can help:

Communication is of utmost importance during crisis, in particular, brand messaging. Providing regular updates and solutions to hurdles for both internal teams and external customers is expected, and promptly. This could mean changing how you service clients to adhere to government guidelines. Take this example:

  • Brand: Sansum Clinic

  • Obstacle: Unable to serve all patients due to personal space restrictions, aka “social distancing”

  • Our solution: Create an instructional tutorial with animations as the company pivots toward Telehealth.

If circumstances restrict traveling, for production teams or clients, writing scripts with revised messaging, casting voiceover talent remotely, creating animation and editing previously shot content is another way to work within social distancing guidelines.

  • Brand: Midland School

  • Obstacle: No in-person campus tours due to travel and public gathering restrictions.

  • Our solution: Edit client-made GoPro clips into an entertaining and informative virtual tour video for prospective students & parents.

In-Studio Photography and Video Production

Content still needs to be high-quality, useful, informative and engaging. So what’s the solution? Visually, many content needs can still be captured in a studio setting. This includes photography, stop-motion video, GIFs and animation. That is, of course, as long as those teams are working remotely to create the final product.

Social Media, Community Management and Blog Writing

Social media remains one of the main platforms of communication between brands and their audiences. User behaviors change during times of uncertainty, and there is a lot more sensitivity that must be taken by all members of an organization to ensure sensationalism is avoided. Hiring social media and communication experts to manage messaging, audience questions and complaints, and produce valuable content that is a resource for customers is vital.

However, this is a constant service need throughout the year, and so is blog writing.

Many businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry are finding ways to keep their company running and revenue flowing, relying heavily on digital marketing and website SEO. Blog writing drives traffic to your website and offers relevant content to customers. Especially if they are dreaming and actively planning on what they’re going to do next. Blogs also improve search results in a number of platforms, not just Google, and deepens the connection with your customer.

Have questions about how we can help you adapt your content marketing needs during a crisis? We’re here to help you with FREE consultations to figure out how best to pivot your marketing in our current climate. Give us a call at 323.596.0606 or email us at

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