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Watch: Openpath's Video Reader Pro Launch Video by Lure Digital

Openpath has been disrupting the access control system for several years now and took it a step further by adding video to their already sleek readers. The design is beautiful and the functionality is game-changing.

According to (James) Segil, the next frontier for the sector is visual verification, and he believes Openpath's new Video Reader Pro, which launches today, could be the answer. He shared that "the gap in the market today is in security cameras. The challenge current solutions are up against is distance and their positioning. You are missing people's faces because nobody looks up at the camera. We realized that if you can’t see who is on the other side of the door, you are not doing a good job at providing security. So, since seeing faces matters, we integrated cameras into our access reader, creating a video reader with a built-in camera to improve security."

Creating a video was the best way to showcase all the features of Openpath's Video Reader Pro. See how Lure Digital banded together with the Openpath team, led by James Segil and Lindsay McClain, to create the launch video for their newest piece of tech: Video Reader Pro.

James Segil, President and Co-Founder of Openpath Security, says of the experience:

We highly recommend Lure. The team knocked it out of the park for us on our Video Reader Pro product launch and delivered top quality product on a super tight schedule. Collaborating closely with their team is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We look forward to our next video collaboration.

Directed by Ky Schultz and Bria Little

Produced by Bria Little

Cinematography by Chris Kas

Production Coordinator Chan Guzman

Edited by Chris Kas & Neil Gershon

Additional Animations by Ky Schultz

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