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Why I Should Make Video Content Now

You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to produce awesome videos that drive new customers to your business. Even if you start small, creating video content can have a major impact on your company and bring in new clients, growing your customer base and strengthening brand loyalty.

Here are the reasons many companies are making video content a priority and why you should take advantage of video marketing and advertising, too.

Reach Your Potential Clients The way we watch video has changed dramatically. In the next four years, video content will account for over 80% of all online traffic. That means more people are watching videos online, all the time.

You must be integrating video advertising and marketing into consumers’ new viewing habits, or else you’re missing out.

From Gen Z to millennials to baby boomers, we’re all continuously consuming content on our mobile devices – and 90% of that content is video. You no longer have to wait for someone to tune in on their own; they’re always connected and constantly checking in on their phones.

Target Your Demographics

Uploading your videos to the right platform means reaching the right people. You can specifically target those looking for your services or products, key phrases, or questions that are relevant to your business.

Targeted advertising means you only pay for the views that count. In traditional television advertising, you pay for airtime. When running ads online, you’re paying for the people who actually view your ad. This means that if consumers skip or scroll past your ad, you don’t pay for that view.

They’ll be the ones paying for missing out on your cool content.

Higher Priority on Google

You may have noticed that Google lists videos before written articles. That’s because Google prioritizes video content 50% more than if it only has written content.

If you upload your videos to YouTube, you will utilize the power of this search giant, resulting in your content reeling in the hits.

More hits means a more recognizable brand, more potential customers, and eventually more products or services sold.

Build Brand Loyalty & Recognition

Use video to create pathos. Your customers are more likely to engage and remember your brand if they feel something when they see your video. Just ask the ASPCA. (That Arms of An Angel commercial gets us every time *wipes away tears*).

Once consumers have emotionally identified with your product, they are more likely to subscribe to your page or social platform in order to view your content. Having loyal followers invested in your brand is great: you don’t have to pay additional advertising money to get your content in front of their eyes.

Don’t Just Advertise, Help Your Customer Base

Video can also show how your product/service works. 98% of users watch videos to learn about services or products.

Beat all of those unboxing videos on YouTube by highlighting your own product first, that way you get the views and traffic.

Customers are curious creatures, so feed that curiosity while boosting your reach.

Go Viral

If an annoyingly catchy song about moving slowly (see Despacito) can gather more than 5 billion views on YouTube, anything is possible, right?

People love to share video. If you find the right production company and put the time, effort, and investment into creating a truly inspiring video, people will see your content and pass it on.

Next thing you know, your video is famous across the world, your company is on the map, and your brand has reached a new level.


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