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Westmore Beauty

Look Flawless in Minutes


Westmore Beauty was born out of the desire to bring the magic of Hollywood special effects makeup home to real women. From glowing, flawless-looking skin to perfectly sculpted brows, Westmore Beauty products help create red carpet glamour with a natural look that lasts from morning to night.


So whether you are on camera, in front of a boardroom, or just running errands, you will have the confidence to look and feel your very best.

Goals & objectives
  • Create a sizzle reel from an existing visual archive

  • Use graphics and VFX to elevate video

  • Produce content on time and on budget

Play Video

Story development

Carefully developed messaging based on existing library in order to build a video that touched on specific aspects of the brand while building excitement around their beauty products.

VFX and animation

The VFX used were designed to drive the story while punctuating particular elements of the brand. Additional animations were utilized to refresh and re-introduce content.

Expedited timeline

Work closely with Westmore Beauty & their marketing team to make sure the video was delivered on time to meet their overall content delivery needs and greater timelines.

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