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Wilderness Youth Project

We were delighted to join Santa Barbara-based non-profit, Wilderness Youth Project, for a second time to craft a series of videos that showcases their impact on participants and casts a spotlight on why they belong at Wilderness Youth. Wilderness Youth Project understands that nature is a universal need for all children and access to nature is a fundamental human right. 

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Concept & script

Working with their marketing team, we were able to effectively utilize their budget to film multiple locations critical to telling the story of nature connection.

Celebrate a milestone

We crafted messaging around the 20th anniversary of Wilderness Youth Project meant to celebrate their organization while showcasing the importance of their mission and work.

Appeal to donors

Premiering at their 20th anniversary gala and again for their 2024 donation drive, the impact of the videos attracted new donors and the ancillary visual assets were used in PR and marketing initiatives to drive donations.

We are return clients as this team is worth the investment. Lure Digital took a loose creative vision from our team and turned it into pure gold. They quite literally rolled up their sleeves (and pants) to get the perfect shot in the river, coordinated the perfect interviews, zoomed in on the best bugs, and recorded the pure magic that happens with kids out in the wild. They were adaptable and made changes on the fly to produce the best possible footage for our project. They did it all from planning, production, and interviewing, to facilitating an easy editing and review process, to ultimately delivering videos on time that were exactly what we asked for, if not even better. This series of bilingual videos has been used across social media channels to tell our organization's story, increase support, and bring awareness to our theme that everyone belongs in nature. 

Lauren Amundson Winnewisser, Development Director