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inVia Robotics

Put the Power of Mobile Robotics To Work in Your Warehouse


The inVia system is a comprehensive AI-driven robotics platform that takes all of the manual and costly effort out of storage and retrieval of warehouse inventory. A key part of their system is a team of autonomous mobile robots that effortlessly moves your goods to your people, whether coming in or going out.

  • Create an animated explainer

  • Translate complex operations for customers

  • Produce content on time and on budget

Goals & objectives
InVia "Animated Explainer"
Play Video

Script & storyboard

Crafted complex storylines with detailed operational specifics into video scripts and storyboards that translated the inVia workflows and software for potential enterprise scale clients. 

Brand animation

Utilizing our talented in house animation team, we animated characters and environments based on our storyboards, adjusting as needed based on client request. 

Content optimization

With specific use cases for each chapter of the animation, we took the long form video and edited it into short form content to be used by the sales & marketing teams for particular viewers.


Kristen Moore, CMO

The Lure team did an excellent job of creating simple, easy-to-understand explainer animations for a complicated technical product. I am impressed with how quickly they got it and their commitment to doing excellent work. They were true partners throughout the creation process.

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