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All Your Messages, In One Place


MessageHub is a revolutionary new app that will change the way you message for the better. MessageHub pulls together all your social, email, texts and chat messages into one place.

MessageHub is also the first app to prioritize your messages, saving you time from having to sort through the clutter of junk email, ads, and unimportant posts to find your messages that matter most.

  • Create a brand anthem video

  • Execute their creative vision as desired

  • Produce content on time and on budget

Goals & objectives
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Concept & script

Worked carefully with their in house team to develop a script that had a heartfelt theme in relation to their technology, humanizing their tech and its ability to transform daily life.

Brand launch

This video was MessageHub's brand video for their brand launch, premiering online on their website, social media and for their launch event in order to excite viewers about their brand.

Creative storytelling

Technology based at its core, MessageHub's goal was to visually portray their heartfelt script and literally bring a dream to life with practical effects, resulting in positive response.

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