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Lure Summer Recap, Marketing Trends, Return to the Theater - and more!

This summer has been a whirlwind of creativity and innovation for us at Lure Digital. From crafting compelling social campaigns to transforming brand stories with video, we've been on a mission. But hold tight, there's more. We're also here to discuss the dynamic landscape of video marketing trends – think AI revolutionizing the scene and how brands are reshaping social media marketing with video.

Plus, let's not forget the charm of the big screen. Are people making their way back to movie theaters, stepping into that nostalgia of popcorn, trailers, and comfort? It's a question we're here to answer, and the answer might just surprise you. Welcome to the Lure Summer Recap.

Let's get started!


Lure Summer Recap for 2023

I Belong at Wilderness Youth Project

Lure Digital Red Komodo with a bug on the Teradek Cable while on set with Wilderness Youth Caption

Still from Wilderness Youth Project, a Santa Barbara non-profit that connects kids from all backgrounds to Santa Barbara's natural beauty. Can you spy our newest crew member?

We were delighted to join Santa Barbara-based non-profit, Wilderness Youth Project, for a second time to craft a series of videos that showcases their impact on participants and casts a spotlight on why they belong at Wilderness Youth. Wilderness Youth Project understands that nature is a universal need for all children and access to nature is a fundamental human right. Stay tuned for the video series this fall.

Introducing Limited Artwork Releases by Lure

Skeleton in a director's chair with Lure limited release logo flashing a shaka sign. Chris Austin. Lauren Jacobs. Lure Digital.

Introducing limited-release artwork, merch and stickers featuring designs by Chris Austin - artist, illustrator and muralist from Santa Barbara. We love working in the Santa Barbara community and working with collaborators in our hometown. Chris created two Santa Barbara-based designs while leaning into his work with Powell Peralta, and Lighthouse Skate Shop (and now Lure).

We really wanted to have some fun with this collab, adding some retro vibes while still sticking to the essence of our work as a video marketing agency and production company. The skeleton, the iconic shaka, the film reel, and director's chair all join together to say"This is Lure Digital."

These designs also feature a groovy take on our Lure logo by Lauren Jacobs (who did our very first logo in 2011 and helped us with our brand refresh & logo re-design in 2018). Lauren is an independent Illustrator and Graphic Designer who works with Nike, Planned Parenthood, Linkedin — and more. Check out her process video here:

Merch, stickers, and limited-release artwork created with these designs are available now! Reach out to to reserve yours today.

Lure Digital Merch by Chris Austin, Lauren Jacobs, Foundation Press and Lure. Bria Little. Ky Schultz.

Printing by Foundation Press, which is located in Old Town Goleta, for some more hometown love.


What are the Latest Video Marketing Trends?

AI image for Lure Digital blog post. An AI personified robot shakes hands with a person.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized video marketing, reshaping how we engage and resonate with our audiences. AI tailors content, automates scripting and editing, and offers real-time insights for strategic decisions. It boosts accessibility and convenience with automated transcription and captioning using its recommendations to increase engagement. Whether you want to or not, embracing AI may be essential for thriving in this ever-changing digital space.

AI is coming in hot! It's impact on professions like marketing, advertising, and public relations is a hot topic. While AI offers some benefits, it won't fully replace humans in certain areas like understanding consumer emotions or needs, creative thinking and strategy, collaborative environments, building relationships, and more. Read all about how the 19 Forbes Agency Council members explore the different ways human involvement is crucial in their respective fields and how AI falls short.

Video is the key in reshaping social media marketing for brands. A recent presentation by Dash Hudson highlighted that video-based campaigns lead to 66% higher engagement and nearly 600% more impressions. The major point of this article? Utilize engaging videos.


Are People Going Back to the Movies?

The study found that 75% of surveyed Americans aged 15 to 69 planned to maintain or increase moviegoing, with 33% wanting more distributed movies aligned with their interests. Despite streaming's impact, the study highlights the importance of strategic movie releases in theaters.

"The familiar faces of Ant-Man, Adonis Creed, and John Wick have been some of the biggest box office draws so far this year, adding to the already overflowing mountain of evidence that audiences will only turn out to theaters for superheroes and sequels."

Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie still featuring Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie.

The simultaneous debut of Barbie and Oppenheimer on the July 21-23, 2023 weekend significantly impacted the domestic box office, generating a combined $310.8 million across the top ten movies, making it the fourth-largest single weekend opening in history. The weekend was a game-changer, proving that streaming can't completely take over the experience of watching movies in theaters. But even though the weekend was a hit, big studios like Disney, Warner Bros., and Universal aren't getting along with writer and actor groups when it comes to paying fair salaries, which has led to strikes and a slowdown in making new movies. On top of that, there aren't as many exciting or innovative movies coming up soon, which could make things tough for the future of going to the movies. The success of "Barbenheimer" should be a signal that it's time for a new era of taking bold risks in the movie world.

Lure Digital Does Barbie, Thanks to Cinépolis USA's Latest Movie Theater Opening in Inglewood (the First in 30 Years!)

Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas Inglewood & IMAX opening event. Lure Digital content playing on the silver screen and Chris Kas and Bria Little attending.

We were honored to attend the opening night of Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas Inglewood & IMAX, the first movie theater to open in Inglewood in nearly three decades. More than that, our content played on the silver screen before our team saw Greta Gerwig's Barbie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Congratulations to our client, Cinépolis, on their new theater experience in Hollywood Park.


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