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Making Headlines: Lure's Philanthropy and Photography Take Center Stage

Ready to dive into the Lure Digital spotlight? We've got a roundup of what we've been up to lately, thanks to these articles:

TechTopia Chronicles in the Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce Magazine

Technological Innovation and Nature in Perfect Harmony

Head to page 8 of the South Coast Magazine to view our videos created for TechTopia. According to the article, Lure's"creative storytelling and visual artistry bring to life the innovative spirit and scenic beauty of TechTopia - a glimpse into a world where technology and nature coexist in perfect harmony." Don't forget to scan the QR code for an immersive experience – you won't want to miss it!

Imbibe Magazine Feature

A Spritz of Lure's Creativity in Ventura, California

Our picture featuring Brandon Ristaino's Lambrusco spritz recipe is a vibe. We're all about complementing dark fruit and berry notes with a touch of fernet, especially visually. Check out the recipe here, Lambrusco Spritz Recipe in Imbibe Magazine, and don't forget to visit Bank of Italy Cocktail Trust in Ventura.

Ventura County Reporter Culinary Delights

Strange Beast's Japanese-inspired Culinary Journey

Ready for a culinary adventure? View our photo in the Ventura County Reporter, capturing the essence of Japanese-inspired cocktails and bites from Strange Beast. Dive into the visual feast here: What We Loved to Eat in 2023.

Lure at the American Cancer Society Riviera Gala in Santa Barbara

Uniting for a Cure with the American Cancer Society

Lure was honored to be the Premiere Sponsor of the 2023 Santa Barbara Riviera Gala. Our heartfelt video about our dear friend Stephan Rondepierre's cancer journey was well received and will be released online in February 2024. Stay tuned for his inspiring story! Read more about the Gala at Noozhawk's "Good for Santa Barbara" Feature.

Stay Tuned for More

We've given you a taste of Lure's diverse adventures – from tech innovation to culinary delights to supporting meaningful causes. Don't forget to subscribe to our blog for more features - they're on their way.


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