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Reflecting on a Year of Impact: Lure Digital's 2023 Wrap-Up

As the year comes to a close, it's the perfect moment to hit the pause button, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and take a stroll down memory lane with us. 2023 has been a rollercoaster of creativity, collaboration, and unforgettable projects. From sponsorships with nonprofits like the American Cancer Society and Women's Economic Ventures to creating captivating commercial and corporate content featuring iconic brands like Motorola Solutions and Energizer, this year has been nothing short of extraordinary.

So settle in, grab a comfy seat, and let's look back at 2023 a year filled with teamwork, creative projects, and dedication to our craft. Welcome to our year in review!


Extends Beyond the Lens

Lure Digital at Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce's TechTopia Event at LinkedIn

Ky and Bria took the stage at the Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce's TechTopia event at LinkedIn. Our DoP, Chris, was there to capture it all. Photo by Jay Farbman Photography.

Proud natives of Santa Barbara, both Ky Schultz and Bria Little have found genuine fulfillment in contributing to local nonprofits throughout the year. Their commitment to making a positive impact within the Santa Barbara community and beyond has allowed them to partner with organizations such as the Storyteller Children’s Center and Women's Economic Ventures.

In total, Lure Digital donated over $70,000 in in-kind donations to local nonprofits in 2023. The genuine pride we have at Lure Digital in supporting causes like these brings both our team and the community closer together. So as we approach 2024, this commitment to giving back remains a main focus for us. A sincere thank you to the community for the continued support and collaboration - we're excited for the opportunities to come.

You can see more of our nonprofit work here!


Reeling in the Wins

Arianna Shiningstar from Light Iron Panavision colors our award-winning Eveready commercials.

As part of our 2023 wrap-up, we're reflecting on our team's achievements in content creation. Our motto is "creatively connecting people to brands" and the following recognitions of quality and storytelling achievement show that we stand by our motto, delivering results for our diverse clientele.

Our international commercial campaign for Eveready achieved the status of an award-winning commercial! We won the Bronze Telly Award in the Regional TV, Business-to-Consumer category which showcased the successful collaboration between our team at Lure and the marketing experts at Energizer. 

Not only that, our video work for Leysin American School in Switzerland and our content strategy work for Armor All also won Telly Awards. We love that our teams for production and content creation were both recognized, and we're proud to be a multiple award-winning company this year.

Ky Schultz on set for Avigilon

You may have seen the Canvas Rebel article all about our Founder & Executive Producer Ky Schultz, but if you didn't, it is worth the read. He gives us a snapshot of Lure's journey from a small production company, evolving into a successful video marketing agency. He also talks about how communication, persistence, and dedication are what have contributed to Lure Digital's success.

And a big shout out to our incredible clients and collaborators who made these recognitions possible your talent and efforts make our work the success that it is. We’re excited to keep the momentum going, creating content that hones our craft, showcases the dedication we put into every project, and continues to achieve your brand goals.


Frame by Frame

We were surprised (and, yes, stoked) when our Montecito Bank and Trust "Imagine What's Possible" commercial played during the Super Bowl LVII. Thanks to Megan Orloff, EVP & Chief Strategy Officer at Montecito Bank & Trust, for the amazing placement.

2023 also brought the "return of the case study" with this powerful video for Pelco Security and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, focusing on security for this engineering marvel:

We also worked with Avigilon (formerly Openpath), who needed new production immediately after being acquired by Motorola Solutions, Inc. Knowing they needed a complete overhaul during this crucial phase of their journey, we jumped in and provided an entirely new chapter in Avigilon's story. The result: Avigilon's Brand Video — a comprehensive look at their security suite, seamlessly blending innovation, technology, and visual storytelling.

Energizer Lights - Photography Stills from Shoot

Following our collaboration with the Motorola team on the Avigilon project, we were thrilled to get a testimonial from James Segil, the VP of Marketing and Sales at Motorola Solutions. Segil expressed immense gratitude, highlighting our unwavering dedication and the impactful nature of the video we created. He commended our high level of integrity, emphasizing our ability to scale and meet all their needs effectively. This testimonial reflects our commitment to excellence and our capacity to leave a lasting impression on our clients.

But it wasn't just about the big names. From concept to production, we made every project count. Our skilled team seamlessly utilized photography, cinematography, expert editing, and more, to make sure that every dollar invested directly contributed to enhancing and exceeding your project's original vision. We take pride in crafting compelling content, whether it's an e-commerce shoot or a commercial production. We're grateful for the diverse and exciting video projects we've had the opportunity to work on as a team, especially this past year.


Keeping it Local

We love keeping it local and supporting brands that make a positive impact in our Santa Barbara community. Creating content for local heroes like Hillside and Wilderness Youth Project, and collaborating with amazing brands like Teva and Midland School, we strengthen our connection to the Santa Barbara area while to coloring the incredible work our clients do for the community.


Collaborating with Wilderness Youth Project to create a video fundraising campaign to further their mission of connecting kids with nature was such a rewarding experience. On this shoot, we aimed to capture the essence of WYP's impactful work, where kids of all ages were guided through places like the beach, the forest, or a park and help them create bigger nature connections. The videos stand as a testament to their commitment to equipping students with essential life skills while fostering a deep appreciation for Santa Barbara's natural beauty.


We had the pleasure of working with our longtime video partner, Midland School in Los Olivos, helping to capture the essence of the transfer experience. With 2,860 acres in Santa Barbara County, Midland creates a sense of community while cultivating a love for their environment and themselves. Our video reflects the vibrant high school journey at Midland, where every day is an adventure. Life at Midland is a true blend of education, exploration, and the formation of friendships that feel like family.


Updating this brand video for Hillside was an absolute honor, as we aimed to embody who they are and the compassionate care they provide to enhance lives despite the challenges they face every day.

By showcasing these local stories and initiatives through our video marketing expertise, we're honored to play a part in promoting the essence and goodwill of Santa Barbara.


This summer we had the pleasure of creating limited-release artwork featuring designs by Chris Austin, a local artist, illustrator and muralist from Santa Barbara. We love working in the Santa Barbara community and working with collaborators in our hometown, so this was an incredibly rewarding experience for our team.

Printing by Foundation Press, located in Old Town Goleta, for some more local collaboration. And, of course, our limited-release Lure logo by former Ventura County resident Lauren Jacobs. You loved this collab so much it sold out... twice!


Rolling Credits to 2023

Looking back at the start of 2023 on production in Virginia to the end of 2023, filming in the long shadows of a wintery Santa Barbara, our team worked on so many projects, each contributing to a successful and rewarding year.

Thank you for being a part of everything we accomplished, from our hardworking teams on set, to our kind and responsive clients. Your support and trust helped our creativity and innovation thrive.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are eager to continue the momentum. The experiences, collaborations, and lessons learned in 2023 serve as a foundation for our continued growth and success. Here's to another year of storytelling, creativity, and making a positive impact in the community.

But stay tuned... 2024 brings the biggest project we've worked on yet. Get excited!

Lure on set with Energizer Holdings company A/C Pro for their Training Program Video series in 2023.


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