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Our Award-Winning Year: 4 Video Marketing Wins in 2024

We are thrilled to announce that our hard work and creativity have been recognized with four prestigious Telly Awards for our video marketing projects in 2023! This incredible achievement reflects our dedication to producing high-quality, compelling content that connects brands with their audiences. From dynamic commercials to impactful brand videos, our talented team has delivered excellence across the board. Join us in celebrating these wins and get a behind-the-scenes look at the stories that brought home the Silver, Bronze, and Gold!

Pelco's Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Case Study

Gold Telly Winner in Branded Content - B2B: Business-to-Business

Our video for Pelco's Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Case Study earned us the Gold Telly Award in Branded Content - B2B: Business-to-Business category. We partnered with Pelco to develop a case study on The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (CBBT), highlighting their innovative video security solution. Covering the expansive 46-mile complex, Pelco's technology significantly enhanced safety measures, ensuring a smooth and secure journey for motorists. This customer-focused narrative delves into the pivotal role of video security in safeguarding this engineering marvel, exemplifying Pelco's commitment to cutting-edge solutions and operational excellence.


James Segil - Motorola Solutions, Inc

Lindsay McLain - Motorola Solutions, Inc

Kendra Wingerter - Motorola Solutions, Inc

Uday Keshvala - Motorola Solutions, Inc

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

Director of Management Information Systems - Ray Wood

Chief of Police - Edward Spencer

Marketing Specialist - Paige Addison

Lure Digital

Director - Bria Little

Executive Producer & Photographer - Ky Schultz

Producer - Jameson Connors

Director of Photography - Chris Kas

Assistant Camera - Alex Velasco

Discover more about our project here.


Lure Digital - Telly Award Winner - Silver - Wilderness Youth Project - Bria Little - Ky Schultz - Chris Kas - Jamie Connors - Elise Wine

I Belong at Wilderness Youth Project

Silver Telly Winner in Branded Content - Not-for-profit

Our inspiring video for Wilderness Youth Project earned us the Silver Telly Award in the Not-For-Profit - Branded Content category. This video celebrates the organization's mission of connecting children with nature. Our team captured the essence of this wonderful initiative, resulting in a powerful video series that not only highlights its tangible impact but also boosts visibility and support for WYP. We love working with local Santa Barbara nonprofit organizations like this to help shine a light on all the good they do in their community. Winning this award highlights the impactful storytelling and dedication that defines our work at Lure Digital.


Development Director - Lauren Amundson Winnewisser

Executive Director - Dan Fontaine

Lure Digital

Executive Producer - Ky Schultz

Creative Director - Bria Little

Producer - Jameson Connors

Cinematographer - Chris Kas

Photographer - Elise Wine

Editor - Jonathan Blanton

Learn more about Wilderness Youth Project's "I Belong at WYP" here.


Lure Digital - Telly Award Winner - Silver - My SBCC

MySBCC: Find your place in the world

Silver Telly Winner in Branded Content - B2C: Business-to-Consumer

Our commercial campaign for Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) earned us the Silver Telly Award in the B2C: Business-to-Consumer - Branded Content category! Our collaboration with SBCC was a motivating experience, allowing us to create captivating videos that help connect with potential students and highlight the campus (and campus life) at SBCC. Thanks to our team's dedication and our client's passion, we captured the essence of SBCC’s community in a compelling video series that enhanced the college’s reputation and boosted perception. With over 8.1 million views (in February alone), Marketing Communications Specialist Amanda Jacobs reflects:

Working with Lure on set is an absolute pleasure—their team effortlessly brings enthusiasm and professionalism, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Their fast-paced turnaround and profound understanding of Santa Barbara and SBCC's target audience(s) consistently yield exceptional results, making them an invaluable asset to our projects. I can’t recommend their team highly enough.


Marketing Communications Specialist - Amanda Jacobs

Executive Director of Public Affairs and Communications - Jordan Killebrew

Lure Digital

Executive Producer - Ky Schultz

Creative Director - Bria Little

Producer - Jameson Connors

Cinematographer & Editor - Chris Kas

Assistant Camera - Alex Velasco

Photographer - Tony Modugno


3fold Communications

Watch the full MySBCC campaign here.


Lure Digital - Telly Award Winner - Silver - A/C Pro Videos

A/C Pro - Training Program Videos

Bronze Telly Winner in Branded Content - B2B: Business-to-Business

Our comprehensive video series for A/C Pro's Training Program earned us the Bronze Telly Award in the B2B: Business-to-Business - Branded Content category. At the beginning of 2023, A/C Pro tasked us with producing training videos for their retail partners. Having worked with A/C Pro on similar projects before, we were excited to change things up and aimed for a "cool," "contrasty," and "moody" vibe, moving away from the high-key, technical approach of past "How To" videos. The result was an engaging yet educational video series that gave sales reps the knowledge and enthusiasm needed to recommend the A/C Pro product line confidently while leaving a lasting impression. Winning this award is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality innovative content for our clients.

Fun fact: It took 26 lighting fixtures to bring this set to life. But it wouldn’t have been possible without a pre-light day, and a determined crew.

Learn more about the technicalities behind creating this look for A/C Pro on our blog here.


A/C Pro Brand Manager - Mike Sherman

Assistant Brand Manager - Ross Ballot

Director of Marketing - Jake Fahsbender

Lure Digital

Director - Bria Little

Executive Producer - Ky Schultz

Producer - Jameson Connors

Director of Photography - Chris Kas

1st AC - Alex Velasco

2nd AC - Wiley Schott

Gaffer - Sergio Crego

Key Grip - Tiara Olson

Production Designer - Eve Axness

Art Director - Nick Lugo

Hair & Makeup - Shaina Paulson

Wardrobe Stylist - Trevor Dow

Sound Mixer - Nick Carignan

Photographer/BTS - Karla Espino

PA/Teleprompter Assist - Nicklaus Myers

Edit - Jonathan Blanton


Corey Martin

View the full A/C Pro Training Program Video series here.


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